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Ghaik Launches ProCap Open Frame Monitor

2015-06-18 16:30:27 Ghaik

Ghaik Bezel Free open frame touch monitors are designed for kiosk, table, and other high-standard touch application The product series are designed with 15", 17",18.5",19" and 21.5" form factors to provide customer a wide range of options.

Flush touch screen enables easy cleaning, bacteria/dust free, and ergonomic touch features. Projected Capacitive touch screen provides multi-touch and gesture input application, Windows 7 compatible. Compact and integrated touch solution. Touch screen is nicely fixed into the unit so no additional assembly is needed. Rugged structure for reliability for durable use, well-considered dust and splash proof bezeldesign for touch screen.

The product is design with industrial-grade components, using A-grade panel, and Japanese capacitors. Rear VESA mounting and side mounting holes, providing various mounting options. Built-in digital on-screen-display (OSD) buttons, support multilingual (8 languages). HID compliant which easily integrate with thin client or computer.