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Multi-functional industrial LCD A/D board

Multi-functional industrial LCD A/D board

Product Model: GHK-N1V3
LCD Panel: TM060RDH01-00_V1.0,TM062RDH02-00_V1.0, HSD070IDW1-A , A080SN01
Touch Technology: Support Resistive, Capacitive Touch Panel
Application: ATM, Kiosk Display
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GHK-N1V3 is a high-performance driver board specially designed for digital TFT-LCD, supports size TM060RDH01-00_V1.0,TM062RDH02-00_V1.0, HSD070IDW1-A , A080SN01 and the same kind of interface screen, used in Industry-control, Visual Intercom, Instrument and Meter, Medical devices, Security monitoring, Vehicle Display, Bank bill acceptance instrument, POS Machine and more occasions.


* Support CVBS ,VGA(640*480,800*480,800*600), S-Video input.
* DC +12V Voltage input.
* Support for remote control.
* -20℃~+60℃ Operating temperature.

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